Vine Trimmers

Profilmatic® Trimmers

  • The world’s most versatile rotary trimmer
  • Models to suit 1/2 row to multi row applications
  • Custom designs available

Profilmatic® cutting element is centred on the alloy extrusion (which carries a *lifetime warranty). Modular design allows for addition/removal of blades to achieve cutting length required. Stainless steel blades are mounted on the sealed maintenance free bearing units which are driven by a hydraulic motor via a flat belt, which requires no adjustment.

Collard Profilmatic® trimmer rugged, reliable, requiring little maintenance.


    The Collard rotary trimmer is the fastest trimming system available.
    Exceptional cut quality, at high ground speeds and in vigorous growth.
  • EASE
    Rigidity on the tractor and excellent controls make Collard trimmers simple to operate, at speed & all day.
    Attention to detail and high standards of design and manufacturing, ensure years of low maintenance costs.
    Long experience in thousands of vineyards around the world are used to design structures that will sustain use over difficult ground, for long hours and a under variety of operators.
    Collard trimmers are guaranteed to trim any canopy well at high ground speed of course this depends on the ground but most clients work on the range 9.0-12 km/hr
    Lifetime on element extrusions. 2 years on hydraulics, structural.
    All our dealers carry spares in stock.




– P1100
– 1 Half row (1 side & 1 top)
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– P2000
– 2 x half rows, Front mounted
– Manual and Hydraulic options (see more information)
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– P2200
– 2 x half rows, Front mounted
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– P2200S (Sylvos)
– 2 Half rows (2 sides & 2 tops)
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P2200S Ballerina
– P2200S Ballerina
– 2 x half rows, Front mounted
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Parasol Ver4 3 small
– P2200S Parasol
– 2 x half rows (2 sides & 2 tops)
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P3000 LZP
– P3000 LZP
– 1 Full row (2 sides & 1 top)
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– P3200 I
– 2 Full rows (4 sides & 2 tops)
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Custom Design

Contact Dennis for more information on Custom Design.


For pricing, contact one of our dealers.

Quality of cut


The Collard stainless steel blades have a profile that maintains the high edge velocity over the length of the cutting edge. The finish of the blade is like a surgical scalpel.

These features combined with a 400/480mm blade length and a speed of 2200 rpm ensures a cut end that is generally perfect.
This clean end dries and seals neatly to reduce the risk of disease in the cane end.

The shape of the blade and its thickness limit the amount of sap that builds up on the edge and the tip-proper is always clear.

Shaped like a propellor the extra effect of the Collard blade design is to draw the cut material away from the canopy.


Most operators are confidently operating at 10-11 km/hr in any canopy condition.



Most machines are delivered with a wide range of adjustments to permit the machine to be set exactly to the operators requirements;

Vertical Height
The column has 500-800mm of telescopic adjustment. This adjustment is made either hydraulically or manually with a telescoping tube & rod with lock pin holes at 25mm centres. On the arm that the vertical element clamps to there is a secondary clamp adjustment that allows the element to be slid up & down 300mm.Included in the options on most models there is a vertical adjustment of the topping element as well. On the multiple row machines these are independent and are useful when working cross-slope.

Side Trimming Angle
Most trimming is done with a slight taper relative to the row. The top joint of the Collard has a pair of serrated castings that allow the side arms to be locked at a preset angle. This joint also allows the topping element of half row trimmers (1 or 2 x ½ rows) to be adjusted from horizontal to vertical.On the mounting of the side element between the bracket and the element itself there is a 3 bolt clamp that provides for a very fine angular adjustment as well.



There is both mechanical and hydraulic protection on all Collard trimmers. Side elements are protected by a detented break-back that will trip under over-load and permit the complete element to swing back.

Topping elements on ½ row machines are fitted with a gas strut break back that folds should the topper hit a tall post.

Oil Filter
All Collard machines are fitted with a cartridge style filter in the distributor block. This conical element is made of tiny bronze spheres compressed to created a compact but highly effective filter with a huge surface area.

Oil Flow & Pressure Limiter
Requiring only 30 LPM the oil flow of most modern tractors exceeds this, even at lower revs. Another cartidge in the distributor block acts to limit the flow delivered to the machine. The same assembly also limits the maximum working pressure in the trimmer circuit.These two components combined with the very high specification HPI hydraulic motors give us the confidence to offer a 2 year hydraulic system warranty on all Collard trimmers.

Load-Hold Check Valves
All lifting or tilting cylinders are fitted with this load hold check valve. In the event of a hose being ruptured or torn off this valve acts to prevent the cylinder falling and prevents damage to the machine, trellis and tractor. This value also keeps the cylinder in its position even after hours of use.

Speed Control Valves
Each line supplying a cylinder has an adjustable flow control to enable operators to tune the machine to their own specific needs in terms of cylinder response time. This means that adjustments made in the row can be made gently and with more security while the trimmer continues at a good ground speed.



Electric-Hydraulic control is common today as non-cabbed tractors become phased out. Collard offer either a handpiece or a simple box with sprung buttons to make adjustments.

Operators report that these are quick to learn and offer a great deal of feel for the adjustment being made.

Emergency Stop
All electric controlled machines have a large lock-off emergency stop button.



Collard uses mostly HPI hydraulic motors. They specify a motor with a higher grade of seal and closer gear clearence than most motors and are therefore highly efficient, extremely durable and well protected due to the conical oil filter.

The standard of these motors also adds to our confidence in offering an excellent warranty.

Flat belts drive the blades. These green and yellow fabric belts are also used in aircraft built by Eurocopter and are used to drive the oil pumps that control the blade in the helicoptor rotors.

They do not stretch and will last a long time before replacement. Even our contractor clients buy few belts.

The belts run on flat pulleys. It is impossible to correctly fit a belt without the special tool – the belt is another precision made component of the Collard trimmer.

Each spindle assembly runs in a wide needle roller bearing that offers amazing tolerance to the 2200 rpm speed and loads applied. A Collard designed mechanical seal is fitted to each spindle to prevent sap entering the bearing.


Duralium Cutting Element
The main section of the trimmer element is an extrusion of a very strong aluminium alloy that was developed by Collard.It is the design of this section that enables Collard to offer a totally modular solution to meet any clients need for a trimmer.You can specify almost any length of side element.The strength of this extrusion is just one feature of the design & construction of Collard trimmers that sets it apart from competitors with reciprocating blades and copiers who offer rotary trimmers using pressed steel sections or aluminium extrusions.Collard will replace this element absolutely free of charge if any operator manages to bend it. Please refer to our Warranty section.

The main structures of Collard trimmers are made from high tensile steel sections – they have to be strong and light.Clients report that they are very impressed with the stiffness of Collard trimmers mounted on their tractors.Sliding sections such as the main mast include nylon slide-pads that are pre-loaded to ensure ease of adjustment without being sloppy.

Fitting trimmers to tractors

Our dealers are all experienced in mounting equipment and capable of designing brackets and hitches.

We have several machines on quick-hitches where the tractors have either a forklift of front linkage.

Fitting is a separate cost from the supply of the trimmer

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